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The overall objective of MIRROR is to empower and engage employees to reflect on past work performances and personal learning experiences in order to learn in “real-time” and to creatively solve pressing problems immediately. MIRROR shall help employees to increase their level and breadth of experience significantly within short time by capturing experiences of others. A prerequisite for exploring innovative solutions in this context is to rely on human ability to efficiently and effectively learn directly from tacit knowledge – without the need for making it explicit.

Specifically MIRROR will provide the following output:

• Conceptual model of holistic continuous learning by reflection which incorporates the essential ingredients of training critical thinking, awareness of emotions, (collaborative) knowledge construction, creative problem solving and innovation.

• Within a so-called “AppSphere” a bundle of real-time, interoperable learning applications that can be used within the collaborative and social work environment of the employees.

• Prove of learning effectiveness through evaluation within five testbeds.

MIRROR will be the first technology-enhanced learning approach that can be used in highly dynamic working situations where no teachers, no formal content, and no explicit knowledge are available.

Quelle: http://www.mirror-project.eu/about-mirror